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Relaunch of the IÖB innovation platform

A platform with modern design, up-to-date frameworks and improved functionality forms the bridge to digital age.

The IÖB innovation platform builds a digital bridge between innovative companies and innovation-friendly public organizations. The initial situation was an existing solution that was outdated on both the frontend and backend side. From the design to the Laravel version­ ­- things were outdated. A modern, new design and an upgrade of the framework were needed as well as an improvement of the functionality.

In a consultative process with the client, the decision was finally made to scrap the update to the existing web app and develop a new one from scratch instead.

Typo3 and an atomic design approach as key to success

The new web app was implemented using TYPO3 with a built-in Extbase framework in conjunction with Vue. The design was implemented according to the Atomic Design approach with Pattern Lab. In this development approach, project components are broken down into atoms and molecules, or modules, organisms, templates and pages.

The application provides static pages for users, which can be managed via a Typo3 CMS. Users can find information about all services offered by IÖB on the application. The "full service" is unlocked after user registration and login process: Users can then manage their account and submit their ideas and contributions as Challenges, Innovations or News & Events. Submissions are made through multi-level forms where IÖB collects all the required information from users.

Three different user levels with different access rights have been created and users are informed about changes in the system through dashboard notifications via email.

modern performance optimized outstanding UX cutting edge

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